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Dear colleague,
Since 1993 till now in Sumy, Ukraine, 54 festivals has been held: 24 International festivals of organ and chamber music Organum, 3 festivals of jazz music Jazz-fest, 22 International festivals of Bachs music Bach-fest, International Festival of Chamber Music in Shostka (Sumy region), Allukrainian festival "30-th anniversary of Ukrainian Organ Art" and 3 International festival of organ music Livadia-fest. Our festivals are included to International catalogues: Ukrainian Musical List, Musical America, PAYE. 
Last year our organ was moved from Trinity Church
to Philharmonic Society Hall 
Organ Hall
in the Trinity Church, 
organ Rieger-Kloss, 48 st. 
(Please see disposition)
Society Hall
Except Ukrainian musicians participants from 26 countries took part in these festivals. During festivals there were 15 exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photographs and architects from Ukraine, France & Netherlands made together with Sumy Arts Museum. These festivals have become the integral part of the cultural life of our town and many people got interested in. Mass-media paid much attention and time to these festivals.
To get the money for the artists journey from their countries I am cooperating with the Embassies of Austria, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlads, Poland and USA as well as with the Goethe-Institute  and the Institut Francais dUkraine.
From 1995 year the Association "Organum" won  five grants at the contests of the cultural programs of the International Soros Foundation. Association is possessor of a two-manual French harpsichord (Ruckers/Taskin) "Fred Bettenhaussen"  for baroque & Bach's music interpretation.
I should like connect with musicians, organizations, especially Bach organizations & festivals, managers, sponsors, firms, businessmen, private persons which are able to support our Association and Festivals because our economic situation doesn't allow us to do this. I also want to ask you to consider making an additional financial gift to our festivals. Whether large or small, your contribution helps ensure the success of our efforts. 
I hope that our cooperation could serve the development of the cultural relationships in the world. 
Yours sincerely,
Orest Koval

artistic director & producer of the Festivals
Organum, Bach-fest, Jazz-fest,
president of the Organum Association.
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